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Code Safety Violation Corrections and Repairs

Most violations are a result of hiring an unlicensed electrician, who does not have the proper training and knowledge and is unaware of the standard requirements. This can lead to fires and other dangerous situations.

Home owners often confuse defects with code violations. Defects are different from code violations, in that they tend to indicate general wear and tear on part of a house, as opposed to indicating that something is not built to code standards. A code violation is when some element in the construction of the home violates the code standards. In older homes this can be the case, if a home, which may have originally been built up to code has not been updated, and now some structural elements are out of date.

In terms of electrical installation and panels, older homes can often be double tapped. Other electrical defects can be present, such as shorted or dead outlets and missing electrical junction box covers. Some code violations are dangerous, but easily corrected. These might include broken or improperly installed smoke detectors.

We are experts in California electrical code standards. If you see something that doesn't seem right, give us a call for a free electrical home inspection.




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