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Electrical Troubleshooting and Repair

Electrical troubleshooting and repair takes years to understand and many more to master. We are troubleshooting experts. Solving electrical problems can be one of the most difficult operations in the trade. Having the correct tools, test equipment and knowledge is essential for getting power restored quickly, safe and efficient.

If you have a circuit breaker that is tripped or tripping repeatedly you likely have a serious situation that requires attention. Circuit breakers are designed to trip when overloaded. A breaker tripping usually indicates an overloaded circuit or other faulty equipment. It is unwise to reset a circuit breaker that is tripping repeatedly. Doing so can cause the branch circuit wiring to carry more current than it was designed to carry and overheat, or worse, start a fire. 

Switches, outlets, light fixtures, appliances, branch wiring and other items can contribute to mysterious electrical situations popping up. We have seen instances where there were multiple unrelated electrical problems occurring at the same time, which can confound and frustrate even the most experienced, licensed electricians.

If you are having electrical problems in your home, we can find the cause and fix it correctly the first time.


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