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Recessed Lighting Installs

Recessed lighting offers a flush, streamlined look for home lighting. Recessed lighting can amplify the amount of ambient light, accentuate artwork, wallpaper, or shelving and open up spaces so they look and feel bigger. Recessed lighting is a great way to increase your home’s features and adds a great deal of value to your property. One of the greatest benefits of recessed downlighting is its ability to light a space effectively, while minimizing the appearance of the equipment itself. Recessed downlights are frequently used over the sink or bathroom vanity as mirror lighting. All recessed downlight fixtures, insulated ceiling or non-insulated ceiling housings, must be thermally protected from overheating.

Recessed lighting fixtures are mounted in the ceiling so as to give a flush undulating look. These fixtures use narrow spotlights or wider angle floodlights. Both these light sources have their own reflectors. Depending upon the type of fitting placed inside either common or energy saving bulbs can be fitted inside these fixtures.


Recessed Housing:

Downlights consists of several parts that construct a basic fixture: housing (also known as frame-in kit), trim, and lamp.

  • Incandescent and Halogen Recessed Housings offer economical efficiency and versatility for recessed lighting fixtures. Dimming controls for incandescent housings are readily available. Dimming switches are also available to accommodate halogen housings.
  • Fluorescent Recessed Housings engineered with fluorescent ballasts are the best choice for energy savings and extending lamp life. Using fluorescent housings for ceiling fixtures are ideal for hard-to-reach ceiling applications.
  • Low Voltage MR16 Recessed Housings are equipped with low voltage transformers for MR16 lamps, which allow precise recessed accent lighting from low voltage housings.
  • Remodeling Recessed Housings are used where there is no access above the ceiling. Specially designed for easy installation into a finished ceiling, remodeling housings can create ceiling can lighting where it was not possible before.
  • Insulated and Non-Insulated Housings must be installed at least 3 inches away from any insulation. Where direct contact with insulation is necessary, a recessed lighting housing must have a UL Insulated Ceiling (IC) rating.
  • Sloped Ceiling Recessed Housings are shallow or steep slope rated recessed cans that may be used for sloped or vaulted ceilings.
  • Housing Aperture Size determines the diameter of the opening that emits the light beam and size of the opening in the ceiling. Recessed housings apertures are available in sizes designed for general lighting, accent and task lighting and high ceiling lighting.


Recessed Trims:

  • Reflectors maximize light distribution for accent, task, and ambient lighting.
  • Baffles emit a narrow light distribution by minimizing glare and reduce overall brightness; excellent control for reflector lamps.
  • Open trims create a finished look for lighting fixtures; easy to install and economically efficient.
  • Adjustable and directional trims maximize the versatility of ceiling lighting fixtures are especially for creating emphasis on artwork.
  • Diffusers spread light to create softer, wider beams used frequently in dressing areas and bathrooms.
  • Shallow and steep ceiling reflector trims reduce glare from recessed lighting fixtures used in sloped ceilings.


Recessed Lighting Lamps/Light Bulbs:

  • Incandescent light bulbs are the most popular choice because of its low cost and available in many different sizes for various uses.

    1. A – Standard bulbs for wide-beam light in reflectors and diffusers used for general lighting applications.
    2. R – Emit a smaller light beam to allow greater control in accent and display lighting.
    3. PAR – Used to generate lighting covering a wider area, such as a wall, or for task lighting and general room lighting.
    4. MR16 – A small beam pinhole lamp for precise light control, it emits a bright white light perfect for dramatic accent lighting.

  • Halogen Light Bulbs are extremely energy efficient and provide more light for the same energy cost - lasting up to three times longer than standard incandescent bulbs. The bright white light generated by halogen light bulbs lends themselves to recessed ceiling lighting uses. Because the beam can be accurately directed, halogen recessed fixtures are an excellent choice for lighting artwork or for emphasizing a focal point in a room.


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