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Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting combines safety and security with style. Outdoor lights in many decorative finishes and size complement any exterior. Outdoor lighting enhances the beauty of your property, makes your home safer and more secure, increases the number of pleasurable hours you spend outdoors and is an investment that pays off handsomely in the value it adds to your home. Outdoor post lighting and outdoor wall lighting is a warm welcome home.

A well-lighted front entrance with outdoor lights enables you to greet guests and identify visitors. Outdoor wall lighting on each side of the door will give your home a warm, welcoming look, while assuring the safety of those who enter. Under a porch or other overhang, you can use recessed, chain-hung, outdoor ceiling fixture. A separate rear or side entrance can be lighted with a single outdoor wall light installed on the keyhole side of the door. To conserve energy, consider post mounted and wall fixtures that use new compact fluorescent light bulbs. For greater energy efficiency, choose ENERGY STARŪ labeled outdoor lights.  

Do you have a landscape lighting system you spent thousands on to install and it isn't working anymore? We are experts at bringing your existing residential or commercial system back to life.

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