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Kitchen and Bath Remodel Wiring

Electrical remodel/renovation work is an extremely specialized field especially when it comes to installing electrical circuits in an environment around water. Correctly wired GFCI circuits with proper grounding must be in place to insure safety from electrical shock. Many unlicensed "handymen" lack the knowledge and code requirements to properly install a safe kitchen or bath electrical circuit which can lead to electrical shock or fire.

When undertaking a total kitchen or bath remodel it is important that there is a proper plan for electrical requirements, not only to meet electrical code, but to have a kitchen or bath that provides you with the efficient and unencumbered placement of small and large appliances, lighting and ventilation. The National Electrical Code has some minimum requirements for the placement and wiring of electrical outlets (receptacles).

The kitchen area requires more electrical power than any other area in a home. If you have an older home, you may face the problem of not having enough additional or spare circuits available to properly supply power to your new and updated kitchen. Many items in the kitchen require their own independent circuits. GFCI circuits are very important and also a code requirement in these areas that are near water sources.

Older homes use the "knob and tube" wiring system. New circuits can NOT connect to these old existing installations. These old 2 wire circuits use clotch covered wiring with no ground wires.

When installing new electrical circuits for bedrooms, special arc fault breakers are a code requirement and the "regular" style breakers are not to be used.

If you have any questions about renovation electrical issues, please call us for a free electrical analysis of your project.


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