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Home Generator Back Up Systems

Home generator systems are an affordable way to ensure that you have power when you need it most.  Keeping the freezer cold is the last thing you want to worry about in a power outage. A home generator system is an easy way to protect your family and possessions.  A permanently installed generator is hardwired to your home's electrical system and connects to your home's fuel supply.  It will sense the power outage and automatically switch to generator power providing you with the peace of mind you'll need in any situation.

Parts of a standby generator system:

Automatic Transfer Switch monitors your power supply and switches to generator power when your utility power fails, then back to the utility when power is restored. Transfer switches can also be operated manually.

The Engine provides mechanical power to the generator. Your choice of engine type can affect purchase price, operating cost, fuel availability, noise and reliability.

The Generator uses powerful magnets to convert mechanical power into electrical current. The right combination of engine and generator and control system are essential to producing the "clean" power needed by today's sensitive electronic devices.

A Direct-Drive Coupling efficiently connects the engine to the generator. Some systems use geared drives to raise their nominal output, but traditional direct drives last much longer and cost significantly less to operate.

The Enclosure must be well constructed to protect the generator and its control systems from the elements for many years. Its interior design is also an important part of reducing sound and venting out heat.

The Fuel Tank for diesel or gasoline fuel may be a separate tank or can be built into the base of the genset. Propane gas is supplied from a tank, while natural gas is usually fed to the genset through underground pipe lines from the gas company.

A Battery provides the reserve of electrical charge needed to start the engine when the utility power is interrupted.

Battery Charger automatically maintains the charge in the battery as needed. "Trickle" chargers are notrecommended, as they can degrade the battery through constant use. Ask for a charger that will equalize the cells of the battery by drawing down the charge then full recharging.

Remote Monitoring lets you check on and control the operating status of the generator from indoors or from a distance. The monitor's visual displays, telephone messaging and Internet connections can also alert you to the system's service needs such as low fuel and scheduled maintenance.




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