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High Bay Lighting Installs and Repairs

If your warehouse lighting is in need of repair, give us a call. We are able to rebuild your existing fixtures and replace the bulbs in many different types of units including Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium and High Output Flourescent.

Standard high bay normally use HID (High Intensity Discharge) bulbs which is a special type of lighting that is much more intense than most other light sources. Metal Halide is most commonly used for indoor application since it emits a bluish white bright light that is much more pleasant to the eyes than yellowish HPS (High Pressure Sodium).

Some older warehouses still use the yellowish High Pressure Sodium fixtures. Many are wallpack units in the trucking dock areas. We can repair what you have or upgrade them to Metal Halides for a whiter light output.

In recent years, manufacturer's have begun to offer T5 High Output fluorescent High Bay light fixtures designed to deliver energy efficiency and cost-effective illumination to retail and industrial applications. These energy saving fixtures are a huge upgrade over the Metal Halides in saving energy costs. They emit an incredible amount of light and use very little power.

Metal Halide Versus T-5 Fluorescent Fixture Comparisons

  • Energy Efficiency – a four lamp T-5 fixture draws only 235 Watts compared to 455 Watts for a single lamp metal halide fixture. This equates to a 48% savings. Bottom Line: The T-5 is a n energy efficient fixture which can significantly reduce a facility’s overall energy consumption.
  • Light Output Levels – The new T-5 fixture has excellent light output or quantity of light output. In most cases, the level of light output equals or exceeds existing metal halide
    output levels. One of the most common reasons to install the new T-5 fixture is to increase and significantly improve light output levels for all types of tasks and production
  • Color Rendering - with respect to color rendering (CRI) or how natural the light looks. The T-5 has a CRI of approx. 85 (which is rated as “excellent” and very close to actual
    sunlight) compared to the metal halide fixture CRI of approximately 65 (which is considered “good” by industry standards). The T5 produces better image clarity and truer
    actual color renderings.
  • Start Up and Restrike Time - The T-5 is an instant start and restart fixture. The metal halide fixture typically has a 10-15 minute start up delay and restrike time. If the lights
    are turned off or a power surge occurs, there is significant down time with the metal halide fixture.
  • Hot Spots – Or gaps in light coverage. The T-5 provides a well-diffused spread with excellent coverage (especially in light of the spacing of the existing fixtures). By comparison, the metal halide fixture is a point source light producing considerable gaps or hot spots in the coverage task areas on the factory and warehouse floors.
  • Heat - The T-5 is a considerably cooler fixture compared to the metal halide fixture. Many facilities have adequate heating for the winter, but no cooling for the summer.
    Therefore, the metal halides significantly increase the temperature levels in the hotter summer months making the facility uncomfortable for employees.
  • Ballast Hum - The T-5 is a quiet fixture because the electronic ballasts. Employee comfort levels in the plant are increased when the hum is eliminated. Numerous studies
    show ballast hum can be the cause of headaches and fatigue, which translates to reduced productivity.
  • Lamp Life Depreciation - The T-5 has a loss percentage of only 5% over the life of the lamp compared to an approximate 30% loss in the metal halide fixture. Metal halide, high-pressure sodium, and T-12 fluorescent lamps loose significant levels of their light output over the life of the lamp (30% - 40%). The T-5 maintains its light output over
  • Maintenance Convenience - If one lamp out of four in the T-5 fixture burns out, the other 3 lamps still operate. Unlike the T-5, the metal halide fixture or high-pressure sodium lamp has one lamp and when it burns out, it requires immediate replacement.

Example of the energy savings we can expect:

  Existing Lighting  New Lighting
Input Watts Per Fixture  458 222 watts
Hours of Lighting Operation Per Year  3600 3600
Energy Consumption (watt hour)
divide by 1000 to get (kwh) Kilowatt Hours
1649kWh 799kWh
Energy Savings Per Year (kwh) 0 850kWh
Electric Utility Cost Per Kilowatt Hour* $.14 $.14
Energy Savings Per Year per Light Fixture 0 $111.86
Number of Fixtures Retrofitted 50 50
Total Energy Savings per Year   $5,593.00


For many commercial and industrial applications, the T-5 fluorescent fixture is an excellent option for dramatically increasing output levels, significantly reducing the energy consumption,
improving color, reducing start up time, decreasing heat, reducing ballast hum, and maintenance convenience.


400W Metal Halide high bay fixture

400W Metal Halide high bay fixture

400W and 1000W HID Bulb

T5 High Output fluorescent


Wall pack lighting 175W to 400W

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