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Serving Southern California 
Townsley Electrical 
CA License B & C-10 #920155 
CA Certified #147000 
Bond #SC6367374

Located in
Riverside, CA
(951) 809-7918

Commercial Services

Townsley Electrical designs, installs and maintains power, lighting, and automated electrical systems that meet the demands of an increasingly complex electrical industry. 

Whether you are building a new structure, or renovating an existing one, we have experience and expertise in delivering the installations you require.  We can even help you determine what electrical products will best meet your budget and business objectives.

We service what we build.  No longer will you have to try to find someone to service your facility that was built by an "in-and-out" contractor.  We will be here, with knowledge of your facility, your team and your needs, when you need us - no matter how small the request.



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